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Helping Players step on the ice looking like Champions
Looking for Jerseys
We have broke our jerseys down into 4 options, to HELP you in your jersey selection

Here You have the range  of the current NHL patterns or the past and Retro Vintage patterns. These are a good cost effective and quick way to get your team jerseys done. Great for th REC leadues or any league. Most of these jerseys are stock jersey swhich can be crested and numbered in under two weeks.
WE offer great discounts when you package these with other gear.

This is a closes as you can get to PROs. Your own custom cut and sewn jersey. We can create a jersey pattern or choose from the many patterns we already have. Add a PRO twill/embroidery front crest and matching custom socks. We have many options with numbers and names as well. These usually take the longest to producem and often are on the high end of our jerseys prices.

This is where the sky is the limit, as jerseys go. The jerseys is almost like a blank canvas, and anything goes. You can add as much info and design to the jerseys, and the price does not change. So be creative, or allow or carzy cool designer to go wild. We can do matching socks and pant shells too. Geat for specail events or if you want to stand out and be unique.

This is a great starting point, and an area that covers a good range. Great for School & camsp, Ball hockey, a team starting out, and of coarse practices. You can start with a solid color, and work you way up to a simple 2 or 3 color pattern. On a tight budget or running a camp this a no brianer cost saver. Ask what else we can do for you Camps , Schools & Training.
We offer many choice and options because we do the work.
Not only do we make your hockey jerseys, but we offer a full line of warm-up gear, apparel and sportswear.

Jerseys maybe our main focus but we offer a full range of addtional apparel and gear. Such as T-shirts, hats, hoodies, bags, tracksuits and warm-up gear. As we we have a printing department which can do helmet stickers, posters, and team or league banners

We have our own 3600 sqft shop/warehouse where we do all the the Design & work like decorating/printing/numbering. The simple bennefit to this is no middle man pricing and we control the production time of you order.

There are many options to crest and number you gear, and we offer them all. The logos can be Screen Printed, digtial printed, Sublimated, ebroidered, and twill/Ebroidery. Numbers can be printed, heat-press and Twill. We always offer the best options for you project.

When Working with Silverback we control a lot of the production. Which means if your season or event starts in two weeks. We can work to make it happen. We are not afraid to tackle rush order request, and have been known to get orders out in under 2 days, in some cases. Having Business relationship with most of out suppliers for almost 20 years, helps us to streamline the order process.

With nearly 20 years under our belt we do our best to make ever order run smothly and quickly.
The knowledge and experience to help you make th right choice, whether its for a Pro team or a beer league.
...and always try to answer email and phone calls in timely manner, no matter how busy the shop is.

Hockey maybe our bread and butter, but we can do uniforms for pretty much any sport. Alot of the brands and manufacturers we carry also have a wide range of other sports apparel. We are always ready to work on any project, no matter what the sport.

We don't have very much in the way of pricing on our website. As we like to work with each custom to find the right jerseys or apparel to match there needs and budget. We like to give you options so you can get the best product and it fits your needs and costs.

Like the design you see, and want you owe. We can help with  Logo/marketing design work. With over 30+ years in graphic design we can help even if it has nothing to do with Hockey


Silverback Hockey is a large part of the SILVERBACK GROUP.
The SILVERBACK GROUP, is a facility that cover a wide range of promotion and marketing
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